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To honor his wife’s memory, local man raises money for colorectal cancer research

DC To honor his partner’s memory, local male raises loan for colorectal cancer research study Avi

Benaim and his better half Michelle took part in 2015

‘s occasion, which fell on Michelle’s birthday; she died from colorectal cancer at age 47. Author: Janice Park Every year, over 100,000 individuals are recently detected with colorectal cancer, which occurs when tumors form inside the large intestine.Thousands descended on Freedom Plaza today for the Scope It Out 5k, where earnings assist go towards research. Avi Benaim was at this race last year with his wife,

Michelle, who was talked to by WUSA9 on her birthday. Sadly, she passed away, but we consulted with Avi today about the

charity work he is working tirelessly on in his spouse’s memory.”At this time she was cancer totally free, we agreed to chair the gala, she passed away 2 weeks before and I chaired it alone with her in my heart. We’ve raised money for 100 colonoscopies for those without insurance coverage, which’s what we will keep doing,”said Benaim. While colon and rectal cancer generally form at age 50 or later, organizers say people are getting diagnosed younger and more youthful.

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