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Study: Red Bull energy drink enhances memory performance

New research study suggests the Red Bull energy drink can temporarily increase some elements of cognition.The randomized

, placebo managed, double-blind study of 24 healthy volunteers discovered Red Bull had a positive impacts upon memory efficiency. In particular, the study found substantial improvements to the precision and speed of working and episodic memory Thirty Minutes after consuming the drink. This result was not found for the sugar-free version of Red Bull.PsyPost talked to the study’s matching author, Keith A. Wesnes of Wesnes Cognition Ltd. Read his reactions listed below:

PsyPost: Why were you thinking about this topic?Wesnes: It started in 1973 when I

began my PhD research study into the role of the brain cholinergic systems in human attention, and has been my day job ever considering that. I quickly realised that correctly automated cognitive tests were the method forward for the field, and in the early 1980s developed the CDR System, an incorporated set of electronic tests to examine modifications in cognitive function in medical trials. Ever since the System has been utilized in over 1,400 worldwide scientific trials. After offering the CDR System to an US business in 2009 (), I set

up my own consultancy (). Just recently we have actually developed CogTrack TM as there is a lack of online cognitive test systems readily available for scientific research study. The Red Bull study, we have actually just validated the System in a big online medical sample of 14,531 people aged 50 to 96 years(Wesnes et al, 2017; Previous work over the last 15 years with the CDR System has developed that numerous energy beverages produce helpful impacts on crucial aspects of daily cognitive function. With coworkers at the Nu-Food Research Study Facility at Newcastle University, our interest was to identify the full profile of results of Red Bull using our new online methodology.What must the typical individual remove from your study?The research study demonstrated that Red Bull enhanced not only the ability to shop and obtain details in other words and long term memory,

but likewise the speed with which info can be obtained

. This was not seen with the sugar-free version, or the taste matched placebo beverage. These results took place in healthy young volunteers for details discovered 30 to 90 minutes after the drink. The size of the advantage was ‘medically pertinent’. Exist any major caveats? What questions still need to be addressed?While it appears the sugar material of Red Bull plays a significant role in its useful effects on memory, it should be kept in mind there was no

‘sugar only ‘condition, and therefore the possibility remains that sugar, caffeine,

and the other active ingredients in Red Bull, collaborate in some way to produce these benefits.Is there anything else you would like to add?This is an essential area considering the widespread intake of energy beverages, and is deserving of future research. We are planning follow up studies.< a data-publication-id=19445 data-article-id=47607 data-type=footer href= target

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