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Man behind Coyote mascot suit walks down memory lane

SAN ANTONIO – The Coyote is possibly one of the most generally liked figures in San Antonio, and come Wednesday, when the Spurs open the regular season in your home, he’ll be front and center revealing his spirit. The male behind the fit for 16 years spoke to KSAT 12’s Steve Spriester about why he ignored his position and how sports still play a big part of his life.

“I still remember to this day, standing here, doing a back tuck, and watching out the window and seeing downtown,” Rob Wicall stated.

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The sidelines and center court are where Wicall made his living for 16 years as the Spurs Coyote. As he walked through the Alamodome with Spriester, he was removed memory lane.

Wicall, as the Coyote, won Finest Mascot of the Year in 2005, and in 2014, he was voted Finest NBA Mascot.

He was a kid from New Braunfels who went to the University of Texas at San Antonio, Sea World Water Ski Shows and did stints as the mascot for the Washington Capitals and Wizards, which led him to a task he still calls the greatest he will ever have.

In 2016, Wicall hung up his costume and began speaking with for groups such as the Texas Longhorns and the LA Clippers. He’s also assisting out with the NCAA Final 4 and even held a TED Talk called “Life Inning accordance with Fur.”

“I don’t believe I will ever leave that. I don’t think it will ever leave me,” Wicall stated. “I have a kindred spirit with that time in my life, to that character, and I believe exactly what I finished with that character will constantly be part of that character’s existence. It will never disappear. Alternatively, the Spurs will never go away from my heart.”

Wicall estimates that he communicated with a million individuals a year as the Coyote, from politicians to millionaires to ill kids.

“Making moments for individuals, you don’t have to have a costume,” he stated. “It’s just putting in the time and seizing the chance to do something for somebody, and make a minute for them. You never understand how huge that will be. You never know the impact you can have.”

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